Windows Web Hosting Explained

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There is constant buzz about the newest Windows web hosting technologies. In order to understand how these new technologies, like Silverlight 4, can be of value to you and your website, you must first understand the basics of Windows Hosting. Windows hosting solutions acts as the foundation of the cutting-edge technologies that Microsoft continues to release. The Windows hosting platform, when compared to others like Linux, has many features that make it the best when it comes to website hosting solutions.


The different technology that Windows offer is what sets it apart from other hosting providers. Microsoft has created different software, including Windows Server 2008 and Windows NT, which are responsible for acting as the server to web pages on the internet. Not only do these programs serve web pages, but are also equipped with features that allow users to manage and manipulate their website from the backend. This is something that is not found among all hosting providers windows 11 release date.

In addition to creating a web server environment for its users, Windows comes with a large number of tools that users have access to. These programs have been created to assist in things like web development, like Front Page. Front Page is just one application created by Microsoft that gives users the opportunity to build their own web pages without being a professional in programming languages. Taking the features of Front Page a step further, Windows released their Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. This technology is actually a programming language (server-side) that gives users the opportunity to create interactive features within their website. Before this technology was released it was very difficult to create an interactive website experience for visitors.

Large Number of Technologies

People are often confused by all the technologies associated with Windows web hosting services. To clear up any confusion, Windows hosting is an umbrella to a large number of technologies (tools) associated with web development and management. Because of Windows popularity among hosting providers, there are even independent companies that create products compatible with the Windows hosting platform. One of the most amazing features of Windows is that having your website on a dedicated server gives you the opportunity to experience open database connectivity, a feature that is not offered by Unix or Linux hosting services.

Price Tag

It is a well-known fact that hosting on Windows is more expensive than other hosting providers, like Linux. This is due in large part to its commercial products which are accompanied by licensing fees. With this being said, it is important to note that the prices of selecting a windows package are well worth it. You get what you pay for and when it comes to Windows hosting you will be overwhelmed at the number of technologies and programs associated with the service.

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