Obtain a Work Permit to Legally Work in Thailand

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It is essential to own a Thai work permit to legally work in Thailand. Thailand, at recent years has surfaced as a significant business hub in Asia and many people including individuals from the western states have an interest in migrating to the country and work here. However, a big obstacle in fulfilling their appetite is the belief that receiving a work permit can be really a difficult or even an impossible task. In reality, the simple fact is that the Thai government is extremely supportive of people that wish to work in the nation and the process of obtaining a work permit has been made simple.

When to Apply for Thailand Work Permit

There are many prevalent norms that สมัครเรียน ราชภัฏ  need to be considered while still obtaining a Thailand labour permit. The first step would be getting a non-immigrant visa to your passport. You can get this during the following processes.

Inch. A Work Offer

Obtaining a job offer out of a Thailand company may be the very first step towards obtaining a high-value visa. A letter of offer from the organization that would like to hire you is treated as a proof for you to get the visa. All you have to do is to send a request to the Thai embassy or consulate in your country along with the letter and they will, after confirmation, will subject a non-immigrant visa.

With the non-immigrant visa you are allowed to stay three weeks from the nation that delivers a whole lot of time to acquiring a job license. The work license allows you to stay and work in Thailand for a year, after that, you will be provided an chance to renew it for one more year.

2. If you’re a retired man or there is a spouse who’s a citizen of Thailand, it is much easier to get a non-immigrant visa.

3. If you will find much difficulty in obtaining the visa, you can try obtaining a certification in TEFL (Teaching English as a language ). The organization in which you are studying will give you a letter that’s a legal document for calculating visa, then after you get employment deal, make an application for the license.

1. The very first step is getting the non-immigrant visa stamped on your passport.

2. Secondly, send and use and also add the following in it:

· Two copies of the non-immigrant visa stamped pages in the passport

· Two duplicates of your photograph page at the passport

· Two entry and exit copies

· A medical certificate indicating good health

· Original University degree certificate along with 2 duplicates of exactly the same

· Two colored photographs

· Documents regarding the business, license and tax declaration from your employer

· Permit fee, which normally comes around $156

Normally, two weeks is the application processing period, however you can start working as soon as you publish them. The job license needs annual renewal and it’s valid just for the particular company which has offered you the work.

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